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Holistic Massage Therapy
20130823_135044Massage therapy grows its strength from every human’s natural need to be touched. Research shows that when touched regularly humans have an increased ability to heal, sense of security, ability to learn. This may come from the sense of connection that is created through touch. Connection being a powerful ally against fear, powerlessness, and low sense of self worth.  The psychophysiology or mind body connection of massage therapy provides us an understanding of the many other benefits of massage.

Beginning with the physical effects: massage therapy moves the lymph, toning and detoxifying the skin. Massage improves blood flow, warms and stretches the muscles, increases range of movement and flexibility, decreases muscle tension, adhesions, and chemical build up. Working with the energy bodies, massage therapy releases blocks in the meridians and nadis allowing for stagnant energy to flow correctly, restoring function, health, and emotional balance throughout the muscles and organs of the body.

officechairOn the psychological level massage therapy increases seratonin, the happy chemical, improving moods, self esteem, relaxation, stress relief, and wellness. When we begin to explore the dynamics of the mind body connection we find that what we do for therapy of the mind and emotions affects the body, and what we do for therapy of the body affects the mind and emotions. Which is why stress management from multiple angles is so essential. Taking time to refill, balance, and recharge in a world of constant doing is the most helpful thing we can do for ourselves. I use an approach from both levels having sessions of massage therapy, energy healing, and hypnosis. My practice is designed to allow for full healing from the most important directions.

massage-therapy1In my Massage therapy I work with touch and in my Hypnosis practice I work with a state of mindfulness to create the sense of connection. Teaching my clients to be present with their thoughts, bodies, and how their judgements and meanings affect their experience. Being present, connected, and accepting of one’s self will make all the difference when faced with anxiety, decisions, health issues, and life. I teach directives and affirmations for changing cognitive thought patterns. I also focus on creation of the experience one wants. In my practice we set intention and goals for the clients desired outcome. I encourage regular practice of Yoga, Qi Qong, Breath Walk, and meditation as well as any other desired excercise that may suit the client. Through practice and therapy the clients reclaim their own abilities to control their cognitive processes, allowing them to let go of limiting beliefs, fear based behaviors, distorted thoughts, and emotional blocks. When this awareness has been created there rises choice, freedom, health, and happiness. FREEDOM!